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This transit could deliver a download of creative inspiration. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'.

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Caroline Calloway's Next Act? Visual Artist. Hot Girl Summer Is Over. Fat Bear Fall Is Here. Look towards traditional and family minded people you can depend on and that should bring out the positives gifts of Saturn in this position. The 7th house of partners is further highlighted because of the two eclipses that fall in this house in The first on Jan 6 and then again at the end of the year on Dec You are being given the opportunity of a good clean out of your relationships.

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It could be likely that one important relationship could come to an end this year, but it is not a certainty by all means. The most likely time for any endings to occur is when Mars triggers hard aspects to this Saturn. The first time this occurs is Jan 21 and the second on Oct This is because Uranus has changed signs and entering your house of hopes, wishes and friends. For example, you might just be starting university or a job that involves touring or travel.

You will feel like you want to travel light anyhow. So although you start the year a little on the glum side due to people or opportunities leaving you, Uranus more than makes up for the empty feeling you might be experiencing. This feels totally karmic, and you may not realise this person is an enemy at all.


Depending on how you treated them in a past life, you could actually gain from this. There is an uneasy feeling, yes, but because they possibly treated you badly this person now owes you reparations. Jul 2 gives you an eclipse in your own sign, which throws the ball in your court and gives you the upper hand which has been a bit in short supply with all the planetary heavyweights being placed on your rivals and partners. It still feels like a reboot, but at least one where you get to flip the switch when it suits you.

One thing to remember is that lucky Jupiter will make its grand entrance into your relationship house on Dec 3 so that is your silver lining when Saturn or the eclipses are putting you under pressure. This lunation gives you the green light to begin moving personal projects ahead, but always take a few days after a New Moon to get things sorted. You are bolder than usual and motivated to pursue what you want and to prove your value. There may be job offers and opportunities, and some of you could be receiving significant gifts or bonuses. Timing is right, and instincts are sharp. You are looking to improve, pioneer, and go where you, and perhaps others, have never gone before.

This is a time for improvising and enjoying yourself as you do. Loosen up, let things flow along, and embrace new experiences and small changes for best use of this energy. August is strong for your social life, dear Libra, as well as for tackling long-standing problems.

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Connections with friends and colleagues are in focus, and there is a possibility of finding romance through group connections. Towards the end of the month, you can experience unusual cravings and feelings, and possibly interesting twists. With Mars in your solar twelfth house from the 18th forward, you can feel compelled to do something about a situation that has been very much like a burden. Your communications are focused, confident, and possibly inspiring.

Good news, contacts, and conversations can lift your spirits. Feeling unusually hopeful about a goal or idea can boost your mood. You are in a fantastic position to brainstorm, team up, collaborate, and share ideas and plans, perhaps making them better or simply enjoying the process. Your generosity and openness attract positive attention. There can be a renewed interest in spirituality this month and next with an unusual amount of cosmic activity surrounding your soul and privacy sector as August progresses. Especially from the 11th forward, learning, communication, and transportation are highly favored.

The motivation to pursue personal interests increases and this will get even better in the next several months.

You may return to old or abandoned dreams, studies, and plans with new excitement. The 15th can bring a romantic revelation with a Full Moon in your sector of joy. Your personal life and projects deserve some attention.

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Feelings are full and rich, and hard to ignore! Endeavors in private or behind the scenes tend to figure strongly and thrive. An unusual amount of activity in your sector of endings, replenishment, healing, and processing occurs. First, Mars heads into this area of your chart on the 18th, Venus on the 21st, the Sun on the 23rd, and Mercury on the 29th, followed by a New Moon on the 30th.

You are beginning a period best used for emotional renewal and laying low. Your ruler, Venus, aligns with energetic Mars in your privacy sector on the , too, and this brings animation to your private life, whether this takes the form of potent daydreams and intuition, or a private, exciting connection.

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There can be drama in your love life and excitement about bringing something to a new level or breaking new ground. August is a month for making improvements on emotional levels or with personal, private matters. Pay special attention to dreams and daydreams, as you may very well come up with a solution to a long-standing problem through your intuition. For some of you, there may be a release from an old obligation that makes you feel a little lighter and happier.

You may very well break out of an emotional rut or pattern. A special relationship or project can motivate you to do so. The month ahead can be a particularly focused one, dear Scorpio. There is a distinct move from a business or life-path frame of mind to a social focus as August advances. Friendships and group connections are lively later this month. Unusual turns of events can occur that keep life exciting.

You are in a beautiful position to connect with someone who can advance your goals in August. You are exuding charm and grace, particularly around the A project, business, or financial matter can excite and motivate you. Hurdles seem smaller or less significant as a result. The key to success seems more about building what you have than taking on new enterprises. You are extraordinarily resourceful, and there can be some good favor, referrals, or other forms of reward, recognition, and help with parents, bosses, people in authority, or associates.

You may very well be building your confidence in your natural talents, and others are picking up on this. Splurging is fun but reinvesting in something you care about can be exciting as well. Taking the high road and generosity bring rewards now, particularly in business or with your career. Money matters improve considerably in August, and they are set to take off further in the months ahead as Jupiter turns direct in your resources sector on the 11th. Alternatively, this transit can be about your assets, including your talents. August and September can bring opportunities to clinch a deal and cement a bond, or there can be a favorable legal outcome.

The Full Moon on the 15th can prompt more attention paid to your personal life, family, or needs for quiet, safety, and familiarity. Your sector of happiness goals, dreams, hopes, friends, community, and groups becomes exceptionally active as the month advances. Mars moves into this sector on the 18th, followed by Venus on the 21st, the Sun on the 23rd, and Mercury on the 29th.

A New Moon occurs there on the 30th! The emphasis is on pleasure, love, and attraction with Venus and Mars joining forces in this area of your chart. You can also come up with some very creative ideas for future projects. Meeting someone special is certainly possible now. The New Moon on the 30th brings new energy to friendships and long-term goals. This is a time for feeling personally hopeful, emotionally satisfied, and socially popular. Friendships might be formed, renewed, or revitalized. Teamwork or group and networking activities can lead to exciting opportunities, including a new friendship or even partnership.

In fact, there can be a mutual fan club situation happening now. Love and friendship can bring pleasant surprises. You are approaching a very busy and robust period for career and reputation, beginning this month and extending into the next, dear Sagittarius. Unusual turns of events can take place. Creativity soars. Aim to prepare as much as you can by brushing up on skills and gaining practical experience.

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You can meet people who inspire you or introduce you to new ideas and perspectives this month. Attend special events and accept invitations to break up your routine a little. You are likely to feel especially enthusiastic this month with Jupiter, your planetary ruler, turning direct in your sign on the 11th. As it begins its slow but sure direct motion, your confidence and faith build. You become more precise about what you want, and by extension, the signals you give off to others are clearer. You are getting ready to grab opportunities and go after exactly what you want.

You are received exceptionally well from the when you might also have the chance to broaden your horizons. There is wonderful energy for discovery and self-expression in the first half of August. You are looking at the world around you, yourself, and situations with building confidence and positivity. People see you in a particularly favorable light, and you may feel inspired by a particular topic, piece of news, or promising opportunity. People want to be around you and catch some of the good vibes.

You are inclined to be a little philosophical, and sharing ideas and experiences with others can be fulfilling. Benefits come from reaching out and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Your ability to take things as they come is attractive, and your positive attitude tends to attract attention.

The Full Moon on the 15th can bring deadlines, errands, and paperwork to your attention. Mars climbs to the top of your solar chart on the 18th, Venus and the Sun follow suit on the 21st and 23rd, and then Mercury brings up the rear on the 29th. Venus and Mars align in your career and public sector on the , bringing some excitement to these areas. Your relationships or personal magnetism can be on display in some way, and creativity on business or promotional levels is in focus. You might bring strong people skills or unique creativity to the table.

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You are dynamic and engaged, although possibly a little impulsive now. The New Moon on the 30th brings fresh energy for career and reputation matters. The whole week seems to inspire innovation, particularly in your work or daily affairs. You want to make progress! You want inspiration and stimulation now, and if you find either, your work can be extraordinarily inventive. This dynamic energy follows you into September. You are moving toward a highly expressive, adventurous period of the year, dear Capricorn, but the beginning weeks of August tend to be more introspective.

While from the outside looking in you appear to be ready for action, a lot is going on inside. Feelings are more intense than usual, but not uncomfortably so. You are more willing than usual to explore your deeper feelings. By the last week of the month, your love life is more straightforward, and you express your feelings unreservedly.

These themes will continue to make headlines in your life in September. You can resolve emotional predicaments, or, if not fix, find peace with your problems. You might decide to share a burden or secret with a trusted person or find some other form of satisfying release for issues that have been weighing you down. Your tendency is to see the hidden layers or elements of a situation to your advantage since you know how to work out a problem from the inside out.

Choosing to put your faith or trust in someone can feel good. Indeed, letting go of the negative energy of mistrust can be therapeutic. The Full Moon on the 15th brings your attention to a money matter or your resources. There may be a financial breakthrough, or simply a quick purchase, but whatever does occur, it seems out of the blue and unexpected.

Opportunities to advance business and financial goals can arise now. You might also be asserting your independence in surprising ways. Mars moves into harmony with your sign and into your spirit sector on the 18th. Amazingly, Venus and the Sun follow suit on the 21st and 23rd, respectively, and Mercury on the 29th. By the 30th, the Moon is there, too, and a New Moon forms with all personal planets in this one area of your solar chart.

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  5. This congregation can certainly emphasize adventure, non-routine and spirit-lifting activities, travel, learning, or sharing ideas in your life. Energies in the second half of the month, and especially the last week of August, stimulate your desire for exciting connections, encourage a passion for a new idea, subject, course of study, or travel destination, and bring you into strong touch with personal desires.


    Your tastes are unusual and perhaps only temporary, but you might stumble upon a fabulous find as you entertain new ideas and feelings. Close relationships are in strong focus this month and next, dear Aquarius. You have energies on your side for improving your connections with others and your relationship with yourself in August. Friendships are encouraging and motivating, as are group associations, where you are especially influential and charming. The people and networks in your life are more peaceful and happy this month, or positive and friendly people are coming into your life now. A congregation of planets in your sector of intimacy and shared resources suggests intensity and concentration of energy. The first half of August is rather light and friendly, however. You might enjoy a stronger understanding or a positive focus for your attention that helps lift your spirits, especially around the