December 22 astrology soul mate

Focusing on the general aspects of what a soulmate, here is what each sign needs in a soulmate and when they will meet them. Or, maybe they already have — eeeek! Aries, you will meet your soulmate sooner than you think. In fact, they may already be a part of your life. You need a soulmate who will match your confident energy — not just anyone can keep up with your fiery nature. Your future soulmate will not hold you back and will only fuel your fire.

What You Need In A Soulmate, According To Your Zodiac Sign – Stay Wild Moon Child

Your soulmate will help you shine and allow you to keep being your competitive and courageous self. Taurus, you may think you'll never find your soulmate, but they will pop into your life when you need them most.

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You need a soulmate who will help you channel your inner softie — you know how stubborn you can be, Taurus. Your soulmate will be there to help you make major life decisions, especially those decisions that may not always be in your favor. It is okay to want the best for yourself, but your soulmate will help open your eyes to other alternatives out there.

Your soulmate knows deep down that your stubborn nature is just a wall built to protect your heart. Gemini, you have already met your soulmate and may not even realize it.

Your soulmate is one with a big brain filled with lots of inappropriate humor — think ultimate dad jokes. Your soulmate will be there to help keep things in your life interesting. You know you can be a bit picky when it comes to who you allow in your inner circle, but your soulmate will be the one to broaden your social horizons. Your soulmate will be funny, clever, and always keep you on your feet. Cancer, your soulmate may take a few years to come your way, but that is only because they need to be emotionally mature enough to be with you.

Your soulmate will keep the romance alive in your relationship and will always be the first one to propose a spontaneous date night. Cancers have big hearts and need someone with a lot of room for their love. Your soulmate will be empathetic to your needs and will always be that shoulder to cry on. Leo, you haven't met your soulmate yet, but you will when you least expect it. You need someone who will keep you on your toes and plays off of your carefree and confident nature. Your soulmate will always keep thinkings interesting and will never let the spark die.

Leos aren't a fan of boring people, so your soulmate will always keep you intrigued and anticipating what will come next. Virgo, you may have met your soulmate, but still, have some doubts surrounding that person. You need someone who is very sophisticated and mature — honestly, you just need someone who will understand your high-class needs. Your soulmate needs to be a go-getter and never settle for less. Your soulmate will be committed to you and only you!

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You Found Your Soulmate. Libra, you know you have high standards, do you probably have never even considered someone to be a soulmate. They need to be the perfect balance of attractive, smart, funny, and cunning.

Spring 12222 – March 20, 12222 to June 21, 12222

Your soulmate needs to be confident in order to keep up with your energy. Your need for the ideal aesthetic makes it hard for you to find someone worthy enough to be considered your soulmate, but one day that dreamy person will waltz into your life. You are all about finding your prince charming. Scorpio, you have yet to meet your soulmate, but within a year that person will start to show their face. You need a soulmate who will challenge you and feed off of your hot energy.

You could never be with someone who only likes to stay in and watch movies — you need yourself an adventure. Your soulmate will never hold you back from having a good time, but will also start to mellow you out just a bit. You need a little grounding and your soulmate is the one to do it.

Sagittarius, you have not met your soulmate but, but probably will during your next big adventure. You crave freedom and personal space, so having a soulmate seems too smothering to you.

Your soulmate is going to be someone who allows you to be the free spirit that you are. They will never hold you back from following your heart.

Winter 12222 – December 21, 2018 to March 20, 12222

You have had enough people in your life try to change you that your soulmate will be a breath of fresh air. Capricorn, you have met your soulmate, but are too in your head to realize it. You can be picky and have a hard time looking past small flaws in others. Together these qualities can help you achieve positions of leadership, where you are able to use your refined social skills and emotional sensitivity in your adept dealings with people. With the subinfluence of your decanate ruler, Capricorn, you are ambitious and have a strong sense of duty.

A touch of perfectionism implies that if you undertake a job, you want to do it properly. Your good sense of structure gives you natural business abilities and helps you organize your goals.

Love Is In The Stars: Zodiac Sign Soulmates

Financial matters are likely to occupy much of your attention, and you have the capability to commercialize your many talents. You may have to be careful, however, that your preoccupation with materialism or prestige does not distract you from your high ideals.

In fact, one of your challenges may be to obtain the right balance between work and play and thus ensure that life does not become arduous. Caring and kind, you possess deep feelings and enjoy putting others at their ease. Your interest in people may manifest as a strong humanitarian streak that may encourage you to fight for an idealistic cause. Friendly and naturally persuasive, you have refined conversational skills and are expert at the personal touch.

A feel for beauty and the arts may find expression through music, art, or drama as well as a desire to surround yourself with style and luxury. Up to the age of twenty-nine, you are likely to be goal-oriented and have a practical approach to your achievements. At the age of thirty, when your progressed Sun moves into Aquarius, you reach a turning point that highlights a growing need for freedom, new ideas, and expressing your individuality.

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Another turning point occurs at the age of sixty, when your progressed Sun moves into Pisces. This is likely to bring more emphasis on your emotional receptivity, imagination, or psychic awareness. Although you can be very generous, warm, and spontaneous, you also possess an ability to be tough and dutiful. This may sometimes cause a conflict between your affections and your work. With your extreme sensitivity and strong emotions, you can suffer deeply from disappointment or frustration if you focus on negativity and are unable to let go of the past.

By thinking positively and taking life as it comes, you learn to be more detached and less cynical, trusting that life will spontaneously provide you with everything you need at the right time. By building faith and confidence in your abilities, you are in a position to give compassionate care to others by intuiting in the moment what feels right for you. Sinistra bestows success in business enterprises, good executive abilities, leadership potential, and an independent or original personality This star, however also imparts restlessness and a constant need for change, which may result in fluctuating circumstances.

Often you seek powerful and influential positions. Achievements in business, the legal profession, government, or dealing with the public are all indicated by the influence of this star Alternatively, you may have aspirations for higher learning, religion, and philosophy. There are also opportunities to make a name for yourself and achieve fame or notoriety.

Although sensitive and creative, you are practical by nature. You may be attracted to the financial world, where you are likely to make an excellent economist, analyst, or stockbroker. Alternatively, you can become an advisor or a business accountant. A flair for dealing with people may encourage you to work as a negotiator or dealer. Ambitious, you prefer to be in a leading position. As you possess excellent organizational skills, you can achieve success as a politician, manager, or administrator.

You may also be attracted to research and science or work for the community. Conversely, as you are creative and multitalented, you may be drawn toward design, drama, or music.