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Make hay while the sun shines. Work continues as usual but you are unable to manage the new responsibilities handed over to you. Those who are in creative roles like architecture, engineering, advertising and publishing are likely to produce some great out of the box ideas. Meeting and caring for young and dear ones occupy most of your time. Watch your words when you interact, as it may result into awkward situations. You may experience demands to bring plans and strategy into being, and to make them work.

Certain thoughtfulness in your attitude and clarity in mind is all what you need now. Now all of this could be related to acquaintances, connections and even siblings, and these relationships may be edgy as a result. You may feel an extraordinary difficulty to organize your time and effort, and you tend to cut out pointless communication and activities. You now learn to love unconditionally and irrevocably; no complaints and no demands.

You just love for the sake of love! Your honesty and acceptance of differences intensify the intimacy of your relationship, bringing your soul mate closer to you. As your sincerity and maturity dominates your thoughts as well as actions today, a serene calm prevails; the ruffled nature is ironed out as you probe deeper into your own self.

Your truthfulness and power of judgment is admired and respected by every single person. New experiences, dreams and ideas are all favored. There is a strong indication of accomplishing something solid by the end of year Finally, our time has come! Victory, success, love, excitement, and joy! Blessings, Scorpio!!! Till now i didnt save the money,i went out on The last five years have been very messy for me, things are slowly starting to improve. Chins up Scorpios — if anyone can deal with problems — we certainly can!!

All my efforts are not paying off, all decision that i take are not paying off, am being betrayed and cheated several times, family is opposing my marriage with the girl whom I Love, looking for a career oriented job since last 2 years,putting my die hard effort, but have always been not considered.

The life is getting into hell day-by-day…How long now do I have to wait…? The patience is going down??

Being a scorpio, Im waiting for that heap of money too!! Never comes, does it? Chakra Darshana. SIA "Jagannatha Chakra". Cainer Daily Horoscopes. Reality Marketing Ltd.

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Horoscopes quotidiens gratuits - de Oscar et Jonathan Cainer - www. Autres articles de "Ask-Oracle. Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Today with Love. How does your drive to maintain a solid and consistent identity feel like a burdensome obligation in the face of a world that is never what it appears to be? You are a matter over mind person. And matter, in this case, is your physical will. Your mind works to translate your capabilities into action. Should or if? You identify with your power to enforce your will. How is your drive to persevere towards your ambitions being reinforced or made combustible by your entitlement to act upon your world?

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You care a lot about what others think of you. Your perceptions are subservient to your need for validation in relationships and community.

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Your experience of father taught you that your identity was analogous to what is validated and accepted by others. You use language to objectify your self and perceptions rather than to see and be them You collect information as a means to a sense of self which can mean that you struggle to truly see yourself.

Perhaps your Father Story includes experiences of paternal figures who refused to be identified or pinned down. How does an emboldening sense of entitlement to solidify your sense of self lead you to new perceptions and interpretations of who you are? Read for your Ascendant and Moon sign first, then for your Sun. On August 8, , Mars begins an amassing of planets in Leo. This moment is a consequence of:. Planets in Leo answer to your entitlement to accept that the way you see yourself is the way that you are, and the way you see the world is the way that it is.

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As a fixed sign, this indicates the US will be dealing with old stuff. Continuing to reckon with things from both and Aquarius is the sign of self-determination and personal-sovereignty. This sign is the insignia of American democracy: rejecting and abandoning monarchical rule while embracing self-governance.

It represents the American quest of defining itself separate from the authority that had claimed dominion over it—England and King George III. Who and what is America when it is not defined by the leaders who claim dominion over it? Who and what is America when it embraces self-governance, rejecting dictatorial and monarchical rule? Historically, Aquarius rising in the US Aries Ingress chart has marked critical turning points in the political landscape of the country, spearheaded by people who seek to reclaim the sovereignty the US so fiercely fought for.

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This is an unprecedented period in the story of the USA both historically and astrologically. There is no other time period in US history where Aquarius rose in the Aries Ingress chart with that amount of frequency in a particular decade. For those who know anything about this time in US history, you know that through comprises the years leading up to, during, and right after the American Civil War. That is:. John Brown was a white radical revolutionary who deemed armed rebellion the only feasible way to rid the US of the institution of slavery.

He organized to bring new states into the Union as slavery-free states. He was defeated by a company of US Marines and murdered by hanging by the state of Virginia on December 2, At the same time as the abolitionist movement was reaching a fever pitch, the secessionist movement, too, reached a marked moment of reckoning. South Carolina seceded from the Union late in , but it was in the early part of that year that rhetoric ramped up, putting momentum behind the idea that there were in fact two countries in the United States.

What is the legacy of slavery? What has become of those states who proclaimed that they were the object of hostility by non-slaveholding states? Confederate General Robert E. Lee resigned after the defeat at Gettysburg. The Battle at Gettysburg was the largest battle of the Civil War with casualties on both sides surpassing 20, soldiers.

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In that speech, he realized that the Declaration of Independence was further being made manifest in the sacrifice of the soldiers he honored that day. This year also marked the implementation of the Emancipation Proclamation. It was signed in September to be put into effect January 1, But it was of the 13th Amendment which completely abolished slavery.

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Four Reconstruction Acts were passed between March 2, and March 11, They were meant to establish order and assimilate former Confederate states into the Union through new state constitutions and pledges of loyalty to the Union. They sought to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation and to establish representation through voter registration and congressional and municipal elections.

It was in reaction to this military occupation of the South and what was required of Confederate states during Reconstruction that violent white supremacy took hold of of the South. A somewhat dormant Ku Klux Klan terrorized Black families in their homes and at the ballot box. Lynchings became a common form of violence against Black citizens by white citizens and the police and governemtns in the south. Black Codes made law of policies meant to create a permanent caste system with whites at the top and blacks at the bottom. It disenfranchised Black people in every aspect of life.

The astrology of is absolutely critical to events and narratives of not only , but also