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It calls on meditation and time spent in peace of mind and connection with God and the Universe so we make room for us to heal.

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It is the weight of too much responsibility and too little rest, and points out to all those circumstances out of our control that might distract us from our goals or push us into isolation and solitude. Things were done right, in tune with the need of the moment and higher forces than those of our tiny personalities and human perspectives. This card shows that it is time to accept the past just as it is, for there is a reason why each thing in it happened.

Present - Requiring a state of internal balance and balance with others, this is a card of personal space and boundaries needed to succeed.

Astrology Tarot Correspondences - Your Tarot Cards by Zodiac Signs (Infographic)

It might keep us from making the wrong or hasty choice and clearly shows that God protects us with circumstances that might arise, and all those things that seem to be out of our control while at the same time representing our choices. Future - Announcing large decisions and possible changes, Justice appears in the future reading as a logical consequence of all other cards preceding it.

As a dot at the end of a sentence, it gives only one outcome that cannot be avoided, unless our actions are changed and we choose a different direction to move in.

Week from october 6 th to october 12 th

Although it can seem a bit stiff, it in fact gives us room to weigh our options with care and make choices that are new and liberating as time goes by. Justice appears since the early tarot as a part of the major arcana, usually following the Chariot as the number VIII card. It is considered to find its core of meaning in four virtues of classical European philosophy and Catholicism, representing balance between selflessness and selfishness.

Within the health plan, some small inconveniences, especially in the digestive sector.

Capricornio Weekly Horoscope

The most important thing to note about this ailment would be the poor feeding of some days, which could be induced by the stress or anxiety experienced. Excellent time to request a consultation with a professional you trust, and begin changes in unhealthy habits. The letter that will govern you this week in the field of health will be the Priestess in her inverted position.

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Capricorn Wheel of Fortune The best days of the current week for Capricorns will be, 6 and 7 respectively, with the Moon transiting over your own sign in its Growing phase. See what your Tarot card says about your sign below!

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Your Tarot card is The Emperor, the guy who will always be there when you need him. This card represents your sign's loyalty and ability to stick by your friends through thick and thin. Like the royal figure on your card, you use your authority and analytical powers to help others and to achieve your goals.

Your card, The Hierophant, represents learning from knowledgeable teachers who can help you search for higher truths by exploring tried and true traditions. Sifting through the superficial, these learned souls can lead you to the heart of matters where profound insights reveal important life lessons. Every Gemini is blessed with a dual nature represented by your Tarot card, The Lovers.

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Turning points for you often involve making a moral choice between taking the high or low road. This card encourages you to weigh your options carefully and follow the path dictated by your personal integrity. You stand proud and strong as you guide The Chariot on your card, steering a steady course and rising above life's conflicts.

go to link Even though Cancers seek security, you also love the freedom of the open road where you can use your highly-developed intuition to win the race. The Strength card represents your physical strength -- like that of the mighty Lion on your card -- as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual prowess.

Capricorn Justice & Happiness