Compare western and eastern astrology

Maha dasha periods range from 6 to 20 years, depending on which planet is governing the cycle you are in. But then they go down four more dasha levels, which change with ever quicker frequency. I will give you an example of why this matters, on a practical level.


Probably everyone remembers that Nancy Reagan was using the services of a western astrologer at the time President Reagan was shot. When studying the birth chart, I am very aware of the areas of vulnerability for my client, including health. Of course, individual will power to avoid harmful substances, as well as the Will of God, play a big part in the karma or life lessons we must go through. How much Free Will do we have? Many people have a fascination about the difference between free will and destiny. As I understand it, there are many things that are predestined, such as meeting specific individuals along our life path.

The meetings seem destined, but the free will comes into play from that point on, that is, what each of you decide to do with the relationship.

Western Astrology vs Vedic Astrology - EGO vs MIND - Age of Aquarius vs Age of Pisces

Couple Compatibility from a Vedic astrology point of view is very important in determining the chances of success for partnerships or marriages. Whether it regards business or romance, it is good to have some insight from the beginning, as to whether the planetary factors are strong enough to provide the basis of harmony and mutual interest that will withstand the inevitable bombardment of outside pressures.

Looking To the Origins of Astrology

Just as we would choose to lay the strongest, sturdiest foundation for a house we were building, relationships need to be based on healthy planetary dynamics to provide lasting, happy results for those involved in them. Vedic Astrology is an ancient science that can help considerably in this area.

It was available only to the Maharajas or kings of ancient times, as the manual calculations took many days. Now computers reduce the calculation time to seconds, so this service can be used by anyone, to utilize the natural laws which planets represent.

Vedic Astrology vs. Western Astrology – Llewellyn Unbound

Many couples enjoy having compatibility readings done as they begin dating , to ensure the road to romantic success will be a smooth one. Laws of Nature: If we consider each planet to represent some aspect of cosmic intelligence, or a force of Nature which affects our life in a specific way, that helps to understand why knowing our birth chart is so important. If you are interacting with someone who has Mars in the first house of personality, you will surely feel the difference compared to interacting with someone who has Moon in the first house!

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Once you get to know the different values of each planet, you can begin to spot these different types of players in your personal drama, and get a feel for which type you blend well with, and which to avoid, for maximum harmony and well-being in your own life. We also make use of current transits Gochara , or movements of the planets, as they relate to your natal chart. Progressive charts also give insights into what a particular year may bring your way, so yearly readings are recommended.

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Cycles of Time: There is always a reason and explanation to be found for personality tendencies, great good fortune, terrible tragedies, broken hearts, and health challenges. Once we know the cycles of time governing each part of our lives, we can be prepared to make the most of the beneficial cycles, while taking precautionary measures to alleviate the challenging cycles.


Which leads us to the subject of YAGYAS ancient Sanskrit rituals to mitigate the afflictions in our charts but that will have to wait till the next article! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Facebook Twitter Google. Vedic astrology is a part of large philosophical system - Vedas. Vedic astrology principles are embedded in Vastu, Ayurveda.

How Does Vedic Astrology Differ From Western Astrology?

Vedic astrology include in their analysis Rahu and Ketu North and South Moon nodes , in contrast to Western astrology. Both systems divide zodiac into 12 parts. Vedic astrology uses Sidereal zodiac, which is based on a real location of the constellations. So the beginning of Spring in was at point X, in , the beginning of spring, already is 2 degrees earlier. This is called precession.

Therefore, unlike most tropical astrology prevailing in the West Vedic Astrology has chosen a more stable reference point than the beginning of spring. This is called sidereal zodiac, where the beginning of the spring is attached to the the real situation of the stars. Constellations in Vedic and the tropical zodiac has deviation now in about 24 degrees. This deviation is called ayanamsha. Vedic astrology see influence of the aspects differently than Western astrology.